Canadian National Penitentiary System

Supply and support a telephone archival recording system that would provide unique technical abilities with selective and intelligent call processing throughout 54 sites in Canada.

We operate in a complex environment, it is hard to know who you can count on. Cartel has never let us down.


Experienced Technical Knowledge

Our strong relationship with the manufacturer enabled us to communicate technical demands that are unique to this environment. We proposed an end-to-end solution that involved equipment supply, deployment, and life cycle management. 


Maintenance and Service Support

As part of our contract with CSC, Cartel has taken the responsibility of the life cycle management which includes repair and replacement of components and the remote and on-site services required for more than 90 recording systems across Canada. The systems interface to their current Internet Protocol, phone (inmate-use), radio communication systems (for security), and facilitates the detection, capture, and retention of audio communications.

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