Dave Sanche

Dave Sanche is president and owner of Cartel Communication Systems. Dave has spearheaded many key initiatives in Cartel’s history, and has been instrumental in the company’s growth and development.

Bruce Wood

A chartered accountant since 1976, Bruce has been central in developing Cartel’s overall financial structure, monetary controls, and administration.

Andrew Mann

VP, Finance & Admin Services
A designated CPA, CMA with twenty years hands-on senior financial and administration management in manufacturing and technology organizations. Andrew joined Cartel in 2018 and leads the Finance and Admin Services team which oversees contract, risk, quality management, and supply chain oversight.

Dave Thuringer

Vice President, Sales & Business Development
Having joined Cartel over twenty four years ago, Dave has been instrumental in leading the company’s sales direction and in delivering the strategic roadmap into the target markets and customers.

James Allan

Vice President, Operations
With Cartel since 2002, James brings over twenty years of experience in the telecommunications industry, strong technical expertise, and construction knowledge to the team. He is responsible for all operational cycles and ensures overall customer satisfaction and quality.

Wallace Hollingshead

Manager, RF Engineering
Wallace has over 18 years of experience in the radio-telecom industry. He has played key roles in project management, Radio Frequency (RF) design, hardware selection, custom systems integration and technical/applications support.

Gerald Mayer

Regional Director
Gerald is an experienced director with a demonstrated history of 22 years working in the telecommunications industry. He has build his strong professional reputation with a high degree of credibility in the industry.

Jeff Clark

Branch Manager, Prairies
Jeff has worked extensively in a business leadership role for over 14 years within the telecommunications industry. He has led teams and projects as well as working directly with customers to deliver quality installations and service.

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