Under a P3 funding model, Cartel was able to specify, supply, and successfully deploy a robust communications network.  Providing wireless connectivity for all operations, security, cellular, and data requirements. Unique in its size at over 3.5 million square feet, we are proud to be part of this environment and facilitate all the daily communications demands of the thousands of people that depend on it.

From an early start, we worked closely with a provider for the network infrastructure. We provided the concept design and materials list for a complete wireless overlay of this new hospital. Incorporating all wireless spectrum including cellular, WiFi, Public Safety, and operational communications platforms. The major challenge was coverage and capacity of the system design that required a future-proof approach that was cost-effective and supported by all carriers. Cartel supplied all the critical components, technical direction, and commissioning services.

Utilizing best of class technology, a dedicated and creative development team, and bringing together diverse resources, we were able to meet the challenges and deliver a world-class network. We provided flexible real-time design and review. We configured and supplied the building blocks and system elements in this very dynamic and complex contruction program.




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