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For many years, the Communications System architecture has been based on a critical central core of very robust radio frequency (RF) infrastructure. In most cases, the performance of these systems have been outstanding and failure rates have been extremely low. Careful product selection allows our industry to stand proud boasting mean time between failure rates that makes us the envy of modern industry. And then when you least expect it ……. Something Fails.


TASC Systems’ products exist today and provide standard protocol support like SNMP reporting and network analytics to give you, the operator, incredible control over all facets of your critical connections.


Cost effective solutions for the total management of the Internet of your things.



Site Monitoring and Control Solutions


Peak: Industrial IoT

  • Plug and Play approach eliminates complex wiring
  • GPS and Audio streaming, opens the door for expanded monitoring capabilities
  • Utilizes Crest – TASC System’s next-generation ‘intelligent operating system’ for Remote Terminal Units (RTUs)
  • Talk directly to Apex EMS or other software using standard SNMP messaging
  • Can be integrated to services like Azure, Amazon AWS for cloud-based storage and analysis
  • Support custom onsite applications to give advanced logic onsite

Summit: Next Generation RTU Platform

  • Summit gives a single point of device and sensor physical interface: digital, analog, serial, IP
  • The most space and power efficient, industry specific, monitoring device
  • Utilizes Crest – TASC Systems’s next-generation ‘intelligent operating system’ for RTUs
  • Talks directly to Apex EMS or other software using standard SNMP messages
  • Supports custom onsite applications to give advanced onsite solutions
  • Local control functionality – digital ouputs, analog outputs, serial outputs

Apex EMS: Aggregated Element Management

Apex EMS provides monitoring support for not only TASC Systems’ Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), but also other network elements, allowing unified total network monitoring. Apex delivers direct enterprise applications allowing all business stakeholders to benefit from advanced analytics and monitoring. TASC Systems, along with its OEM partners, provide direct interfaces to equipment giving a more comprehensive view of all elements in your network.


Crest: Intelligent Operating System for RTUs

Crest provides a powerful and easy-to-use web-based administration for basic RTU setup, control and monitoring. Delivering a highly-flexible development environment, TASC Systems and approved partners, are able to quickly develop modules for application-specific deployments. Crest application modules are either ‘custom’ code developed specifically for applications or downloadable extensions, examples include: Kenwood NEXEDGE Repeater control and Azure IoT data aggregration – enables Summit and Peak to send data directly to Azure for storage and analysis.