Engineering Services

Our competent and diverse engineering team is more than capable to handle application assessment, product planning, design, customer product production and system commissioning.

Coverage Solutions

Cartel currently services the National Wireless Carriers as well as various Public Safety and Government Agencies across Canada from both the Langley and Toronto facilities. Our Technical Services team have the following capabilities as it relates to RF coverage enhancements:


Design Services

  • In-shop interfacing and configuration
  • System staging and testing
  • System Design and integration
  • Project planning
  • Product qualification
  • Custom product development
  • Technical training
  • Customized user training
  • Documentation and reports

Service Delivery

  • Site evaluations and surveys
  • Project coordination
  • Project estimates
  • On-site installation, configuration, maintenance and commissioning
  • On the job technical training
  • Custom documentation and reports
  • Repairs and Maintenance