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Coverage Solutions

Distributed Active Antenna Coverage Systems (DAS)


  • Combined Multi-Operator, Multi-Band, Multi-RAT, Multi-Carrier active coverage distribution system
  • Scalable and Modular architecture
  • 5, 20 and 40 Watt remote hub amplifiers
  • 700MHz,¬†800 SMR, 850MHz, 1900MHz, 2100MHz and 2600MHz bands
  • SISO and/or MIMO configurations
  • Single and Multi-operator POI (Point of Interconnect)
  • Remote and local management systems for alarms and configurations
  • ISO9001, SIO14000 and TL9000 R4.0



Over the years, Cartel has accumulated significant understanding and knowledge of the Canadian wireless industry. We have worked closely with wireless operator’s engineering team to provide and deliver applicable technologies and solutions.


This unique mBSC-C Coverage System solution enables truly flexible Multi-Band, Multi-Technology and Multi-Operator network coverage enhancement in a cost effective manner. The mBSC-C is a single mode optic based system, well suited for in-buildings, tunnels, railway stations, airports applications, to name a few as well as equally applicable to Macro DAS applications. The mBSC Remote Unit (RU) is a high-power bi-directional amplifier which provides forward and reverse channel amplification within a single licensed operating band. This technology support all the common public safety bands, BTI Wireless designs its DAS to ensure airports, arenas and buildings have wireless coverage needed to help first responders protect citizens during emergencies and disasters. More industry focus, see BTI Wireless resources.


Schematic of mBSC-C system with fiber remotes and in-line amplifiers. BTS 1 to 4 are Carrier/Operator Base Station Equipment feed into the Cartel DAS.


DAS Network Diagram_600x274




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