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Consider TETRA technology at your site to enhance critical communications


In an on going effort to bring leading technical solutions to the Canadian commercial marketplace, we are proud to introduce TETRA. TETRA is a global standard for Private Radio Networks, although new to Canada, it has been proven to be thesuperior choice internationally for hundreds of thousands of professionals whose lives and business success depend on effective communication. Ask us why TETRA may be the most significant communication breakthrough of our time and houw you can relize the benefits of owning your own network!


With Industry Canada having changed its regulations to permit the use of TETRA technology in Canada, the market is in its infancy and requires experienced and knowledgeable staff and partners to ensure the market thrives.


Our prime technology partners for TETRA have a proven track record of delivering mission-critical system technology:

  • Hytera, a manufacturer of radio transceivers and radio systems
  • DAMM Cellular Systems, TETRA infrastructure manufacturer


TETRA Features

Increase worker safety and operational efficiency with:

    • Interoperable, scalable, flexible
    • 100% IP infrastructure
    • Exceptional Coverage
    • Full Redundancy
    • Excellent Voice Quality – even in noisy environments
    • Optimized simultaneous voice and data communications
    • Comprehensive Dispatcher System with GPS locator
    • Integration to existing data and telemetry systems
    • Centralized Network Management
    • Voice and Data Log System
    • Advanced Security Encryption


TETRA works


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