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TETRA Mobile Radio

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TETRA (TErrestrial TRunked RAdio) is a digital trunked radio standard used for Private Mobile Radio applications in Public Mobile Radio applications in Mining, Oil and Gas, Public Transport, Airports, Military, Public Safety, and more.
Considering a radio communication technology for your operations, a migration or a significant upgrade to your infrastructure, consider TETRA. Cartel provides a broad range of solutions and services for TETRA implementations including:

  • License Application
  • System Design
  • Installation
  • Testing
  • Training
  • System Optimization

Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)


Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)

Hytera DMR trunking system, developed from ETSI DMR open standard, is an IP-based Digital Trunked System Infrastructure specifically designed to provide mission critical voice, dispatching and management capacity across various geographic areas.

Communication Control

Operator Consoles

Simplifying a Complex Environment

Our operations and communication control center solutions consolidate multiple technologies and present operators with relevant point & click access to diverse communications network assets.

  • Integrated Radio, Telephone, Audio and Data
  • Redundant Architecture
  • Legacy system support & Migration Options

Audio Recording and Data Management

Audio Recording and Data Management

Mission Critical Recording & Database Archive

Communications logging systems to reliably capture, store, protect, reproduce, and manage important interactions and data, and allow organizations to securely document and retrieve incidents, comply with regulations, and improve operations.

  • Record 100s of ports of analog, digital, and/or VoIP audio
  • Multi-layered, role-based security controls
  • Support for a variety of metadata sources that provide call-associated information

Interface & Control

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Eliminating the Connectivity Gap

As an integrator, we have to be concerned with points of interface and protocols – our field experience and internal knowledge have established industry sources and developed best practices that translate into project efficiencies.

  • Interoperability
  • Radio over IP (RoIP)
  • System building blocks and components