Cartel continues to provide Correction Services Canada (CSC) with ongoing preventative maintenance and repair services.

Using a large scale and rapid deployment of field resources, Cartel is performing a national audit of archival logging infrastructure in CSC institutions. We are working to ensure proper operation, identify and remediate deficiencies, and migrate firmware and software elements to current versions.

CSC is responsible for the management of 43 institutions spread across Canada, from large urban centres to remote communities in the North. Cartel is visiting many of them now. This time of year, our team is experiencing the variety of weather Canada has on offer. We have some technicians working in spring-like conditions while others are bundled-up for minus 20-degree Celsius temperatures and 8 feet of snow. Each facility also presents unique logistics, access, and security challenges. Arrangements for access are done well in advance to ensure efficient fieldwork. Cartel’s ability to coordinate so many site visits in so many disparate locations within a 10-week timeline impresses even me (and I’ve been here for a while).

I’ve always been proud of the role Cartel plays in Canadian Corrections security infrastructure. We support our justice system by providing secure and reliable evidentiary data collection. Our ongoing work with CSC this is the 3rd generation of Eventide archiving technology we’ve deployed for CSC illustrates how the Life Cycle Management services we provide ensure the most current technology and feature-set is at our clients’ fingertips.

--James Allan, VP Operations

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