I might find myself in an operating room decked out in full scrubs or on the roof of an office tower secured in full Personal Protective Equipment. I’ve been spotted in a holding cell in the basement of a police station, at a maximum security prison, and on a military base. I’ve spent days strolling across a campus, hanging high above a massive arena, and driving to a healing lodge so remote that the hand drawn instructions simply read “follow the power lines.” As you can imagine, my friends have heard an astonishing variety of answers to the question "what did you do today?” since I’ve joined Cartel as a Field Technician.

The Field Tech plays a critical role in the communications industry. While much can be accomplished through monitoring technologies, stepping outside of analytics and working with our customers on the ground is critical. Being exposed to how a facility operates from the inside provides insight. Hearing about challenges customers encounter as they communicate within their environment provides context. For example, an EMT’s ability to communicate to their team on the surface is mission critical when attending to an emergency underground. I know that I must ensure reliable radio coverage in every nook and cranny of a parking garage, basement, or machine room before I leave site. There is no tolerance for errors in a Public Safety system. Knowing that we are able to provide a piece of the puzzle that may save a life one day is one of many reasons that I love what we do at Cartel.

The wireless communications industry,  situated at the centre of much of the technological world, provides us with a continually expanding horizon of industries to work with. That exposure to the professional world at large is a rare vantage point and one that I’m lucky to wake up to every day. Some days I’m in a mall, some days at gold mine, and others, at the pool. Who knows where I’ll be next? I’m always excited to find out.

Dan Lengkeek, Project Specialist



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