Eventide has recently announced the release of the updated NexLog DX-Series recording suite. This latest recording series allow our clients in vital Public Safety organizations to be ready for the future through digitally transformative (DX) technologies. Cartel is proud to announce that we are now shipping to customers and have deployed this new NexLog DX-Series platform to a government agency in the Canadian Maritimes. There are many emerging needs in mission-critical communications that are addressed in this Eventide DX-Series. These needs include the desire for distributed and centralized recording, datacentre and cloud capabilities, enhanced security postures, and readiness for digital communication systems.

“We have started deploying NexLog DX-Series products to current and new customers. This third-generation from Eventide utilizes software specifically designed for mission-critical recording combined with a stable and highly relational Linux operating system,” commented Neal Midgley, Product Manager of Enabling Solutions.

For more about the new NexLog DX-Series and how it can address your mission-critical recording needs, please contact Cartel Communication Systems.

About Eventide:

Founded in 1971, Eventide has remained at the forefront of recording technology. In 1989, Eventide revolutionized the recording industry by creating the world’s first commercially available digital voice logger. Since then, the company has developed many generations of recording solutions to meet the ever-evolving needs of Mission Critical communications users. Eventide communications logging systems empower public safety agencies, utilities, universities, transportation networks, and military agencies worldwide with advanced connectivity, exceptional incident management tools, and outstanding Linux-based system reliability.

Eventide® is a registered trademark of Eventide Inc.


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