At Cartel, we develop and deliver course materials to meet our customers' specific knowledge and learning requirements. We train at multiple levels to accommodate the needs of users, technicians and systems administrators.

For instance, I just returned from teaching a two-day system usage class to a group of six government agency technicians. The class was on the Eventide NexLog Communications Recorders, a product designed to record Mission Criticals communications. We began Day One with a background summary, system specifications and recording capabilities from analogue to P25. We provided a 'how to' for system setup and maintenance, covered the management interfaces, and provided real-time demonstrations of the tasks on the systems.

Day Two began with a demonstration of the user interface for recording playback and export. We then moved on to hands-on exercises to give the technicians a feel for the system. Before training was complete, we reviewed teh setup and user experience within the customer's specific usage (within infrastructure and workflow) showing how phone calls and radio communications are recorded, stored, and retrieved in relation to Event Reconstruction or Recall (to help operators who may have misunderstood or missed something in a call).

Cartel travels all over Canada, coast to coast, to provide solutions, support, and training in English and French. Dependable training is part of the complete lifecycle management that we offer: that's the Cartel Way.

Neal Midgley, Product Manager



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